Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Friday Five...

Better late than never...right?  So...once again I have under-estimated the time it would take me to do what I need to do...and once again I have over-estimated my ability to get everything on my list done.  The Friday Five has become the late Saturday night five.  Still... these are my five things...late as they are : )

{ Introducing a pomegranate to the girls for the first time...I think we have a new favorite }

{ Spirit rock birthday message done!...Now, I have a year to figure out how to do this whole thing quicker }

{ love with these felted acorns my sister-n-law, Amanda, made }

{ Painting canvas for Ava's birthday party tents...this is a special moment because I was almost done : )  }

{ I came upon the coolest binoculars this week...LOVE almost everything vintage }

What are Your Five?

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