Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Washington DC...a city of hope and promise

  Washington DC...a city I feel I have watched grow...but will never completely know.  It is a city I miss when I am away and that I look forward to visiting again as soon as I leave.

{ Tulips outside the botanical gardens }

 It is a city of conviction, hope, and purpose.  

I was looking for the perfect quote to explain all of the feelings I have for this wonderful city...but most of what I found was harsh reviews and criticism for a city, blamed for unfulfilled promises.

{ Jefferson Memorial on the Tidal Basin }

I dare say that Washington DC is more polarizing than any other city in the country...but, why is that?  I think people forget that with a city born on hope, promise and dreams, there is no room for perfection.  Because not everyone has the same hope, promise and dreams.  Washington is blamed for the inadequacies of politicians.  Instead of seeing how far this country has come...it is only human to see how far we still have to go.

  Whether you agree with it...this is the place you can fight for it or against it.  It is the place that revives my patriotism every time I visit.  And when I leave, I feel only pride for a country so young... that has evolved more in 300 years than most countries do in a thousand.   

{ Georgetown }

It is impossible to separate Washington DC from the politics we hear about, especially in an election year, but DC is much bigger than politics. 

It is exciting to walk around a city that has something beautiful, historical and thought-provoking around every corner. 

I love DC.  I love the history of the city and the possibilities that are promised in every step you take throughout it. 

{ Old Town }

This week will be dedicated to SOME of what DC has to offer...because there is no way to show it all, or even see it all, in a lifetime.

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