Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little taste of Georgetown...

Georgetown is one of the many beautiful and historical neighborhoods surrounding central DC.
 Besides the fact that Georgetown contains beautiful architecture...

 ...and is a hub for shopping and entertainment... is quite a mecca for the everyday "foodie".  

You could visit Paul if you want a French boulangerie experience.

{ I loved the dining room upstairs that overlooked M street }

{ every boulangerie needs proper bistro tables }

{ fresh baked breads }

{ a window full of baked goods }

{ It felt as if I was back in Paris...but I wasn't embarrassing myself by attempting to speak French }

{ We tried the pain du chocolat... }

{  ...and almond croissant... }

{ ...and fresh blueberry tart. All were delicious }

If you feel like trying something a little more on the sweet and indulgent side, you could try out the famed Georgetown Cupcake.  Here is an important tip though- Unless you feel like spending a couple hours waiting in line, I would pre-order your cupcakes online and then go and pick them up.  My cousin knew about this nifty little trick.  I am not sure if the cupcakes would have tasted half as good, if we had waited that long to try one.  

{ seems simple enough...but I had no idea! }

{ the line wrapped around the building, up the street and around the corner }

{ first glimpse of the famed cupcakes }

{ once inside, there was hardly room to move }

{ This wall, once covered in pink boxes, was quickly becoming white again }

{ once out of Georgetown Cupcake, we walked across the street...}

{ down a brick staircase }

{ to the park on the Potomac River }

{ there, we sat on the grass, and taste-tested our cupcake selections }

{ the key lime cupcake was the perfect blend of sweet and tart }

{ Delish! }

{ the coconut cupcake was my personal favorite }

{ It was light and airy and not too "coconutty" - is that a word? }

{ Ava chose the chocolate ganache cupcake- a perfect choice for my child that does not care for icing }

{ the mint cookies and creme cupcake (just listen to this description) - Madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake baked with oreo crumbles topped with a mint oreo crumble-infused buttercream frosting. Seriously? }

{ And the crowning touch...Georgetown Cupcake has a flavor of the day, which they include in your order for free. } 

{ The flavor of the day for us was Carrot...soooo goood }

{ You may want to include a iced coffee in your wash all of that sweetness down : ) }

No matter what you choose to see, do or eat while in Georgetown...bring your camera, your wallet and all of your appetite.  You are going to need it!

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