Monday, April 30, 2012

Escape anyone?

Sometimes there are days...and sometimes, there are weeks...that you may wish for/need an escape. 

Maybe you need an escape from your loving, well-behaved children who always use their "inside voice" (there is sarcasm there, by the way) ...or maybe from your ever-constant dirty home that hangs over your head, berating your neglect...or maybe from the self-imposed, all-consuming hectic state that surrounds you wherever you go, like the dust cloud that envelopes Pigpen.  

For most of us, there will always be a reason not to, but what would if you would you escape?

{ Would you go to a hidden room in your home? }
{ ... or a secret garden? }

{...would you choose to be alone? }
{ ...or lost in a crowd? }

{ Would you want to feel sheltered ? }
{ ...or unfettered? }

{ Would you want to concentrate on your breathing? }
{ ...or try your hardest to lose your breath? }

{ Would you take a mid-day nap? }
{ ...or stretch your legs? }

{ Would you treat yourself? }
{ ...or give yourself a treat? }

{ Would you want to commune with the earth? }
{ ...or indulge in a session of retail therapy? }

No matter what your escape may be...go and find it. 

Whether it be a deserted island in the middle of the Caribbean...or a beautiful cupcake right around the corner.  

Everyone will be happy that you did...Seriously.  

Every one : )


  1. love this post!! i would love to do about 7 of those today! :-)

    1. Thank you! I had you in mind for a couple of them : )