Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An amazing DC playground...

If you go to Washington DC with your children, and they get tired of sight-seeing and going to museums...you are in luck. The ClemyJontri playground has been named one of the top ten playgrounds in the country and it is just a short drive away in McLean, Virginia.

The ClemyJontri playground was built for children of all abilities and has activities to stimulate children of every age. 

{ a maze high enough for your kids to not see over, but low enough that you keep an eye on them }

{ Rubberized stepping stones }

{ Your children can ride the carousel with a $1.50 token }

{ Sun sails added some much needed shade }

{ Rainbow colors were used on every piece of equipment }


{ There is a racetrack that runs throughout and around the entire park }

{ Jason loved this - a whole line of musical instruments }

{ The flooring throughout the park is rubberized- adds a little bounce to your step }

{ Even though your child will think they are only playing, almost every activity has a connection to education }

{ There were many "vehicles" the children could choose from- helicopter, bus and a train }

{ one of the swings for children who are in wheelchairs }

  If you have a chance, you should definitely visit the Clemyjontri Playground. Your children will definitely thank you for it! 

 Clemyjontri Playground
6319 Georgetown Pike
Mclean, VA 22107

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  1. is there any playgrounds like this in Washington DC????

    1. The Clemyjontri playground is in McLean, VA which is a short drive from DC. You can check this link out if you are looking for a playground in the city- http://washington.cbslocal.com/2012/03/23/best-playgrounds-in-dc/