Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MLK Jr. Memorial: an amazing addition to DC

After a very long day sight-seeing in and around DC, we wanted to see the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial before going home.  The sun was just beginning to set when we arrived.  

There was a bit of a walk to get there...Isabella didn't think she could make Ava helper her out : )

 The memorial is crescent shaped and begins with trees set up on a bank.

As you walk, a granite wall begins to curve around the trees.  The walkway gets wider and then you can begin to see this huge white rock formation through the trees.

The timing was perfect because the sun created the most beautiful shadows and highlights on the statue.  I can not express how large the carved form of MLK Jr. is. 

I do believe that this memorial was built in one of the most beautiful spots in Washington DC.  Martin Luther King Jr. is looking out over the Tidal Basin.  He can see the Jefferson Memorial and can be found between the FDR Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. 

 The crescent shaped wall that surrounds the carving of MLK Jr. has many of his most influential quotes etched on it's surface.

There is a large rock that seems to have been split in two, standing tall behind him. 

The rock he is carved out of looks as if it has broken out from in between the two other rocks.

 Every detail of this memorial was well thought out and beautiful. 

Etched on the side of the rock he is carved out of, are the words " Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope".  

This memorial is amazing to see in person.  It is a wonderful addition to the Washington DC landscape.

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