Thursday, April 26, 2012

My new favorite thing...Smash journals

I came across these K&Company Smash journals the other day and promptly fell in love with them. I am guilty of tearing out every picture in magazines or books that inspire me.  For years, I have pasted them in spiral bound notebooks or put them in 3 ring binders... never being truly satisfied with my unorganized attempt to keep my favorite images at my fingertips.  

Now, I see the perfect solution.  These Smash journals come in a variety of themes which are perfect to keep your inspirations organized.  Now you can have your recipes, interior design, wedding ideas, and your favorite memories preserved and easy to find.  All of the journal pages speak to the theme and make it easy for you to do justice to your favorite inspirations.

Here are a few pages from the Retro Style Smash Journal:

 ...and here are a few pages from the Pretty Style Smash Journal:

...and here are a few pages from the Wedding Style Smash Journal:

There are lots of accessories and tools carried in the Smash line:

{ caption tabs }

{ Sticky labels }

{ date stamper }

{ Smash list pads }

{ ...and each journal comes with a combination pen/ glue stick }

You can find these Smash journals at a variety of places, but I found mine at Michael's.  They are $12.99 each.  I don't think you could buy the paper for that's a pretty good deal. 

I see these journals as my own pinterest boards come to life.  For anyone who still likes to pick up a book or wants to carry their inspirations around with them, these journals can fulfill that need. 

I can't wait to organize the immense pile of magazine pages sitting on my bedside table.  I am determined to reclaim order in my home and in my matter how long it takes : )

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