Monday, April 23, 2012

The Lowline...oh, the possibilities

Back in October, I visited New York and walked the High Line - it was amazing!   Now I have even more reason to be excited about another trip to New York.  Last time it was the High time, it will be the Lowline.

Where the Highline transformed an abandoned railroad trestle that ran a full story above the city streets...the creators of the Lowline want to transform an abandoned trolley terminal on the lower East side into the world's first underground park. 

The Delancey terminal is 1.5 acres or 60,000 square feet.  Can you imagine an underground park the size of Gramercy Park?  This project is still in the idea and fundraising stages, but I am excited about the mere possibility of this monumental idea. 

This is what the terminal looks like today...


...and this is their vision for it.



Check out the kickstarter website and the video below to find out more about the groundbreaking technology that will be employed in the building of the Lowline. 

Imagine the possibilities...the number of cities that can be transformed using this truly is mind-boggling.

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