Friday, January 17, 2014

The Friday Five...

{ Jumped right into making banana nut bread after school.  Isabella LOVES to cook!
 It may be all the tasting along the way that is her favorite part }

{ Holy Samoa! Unfortunately, I am a drink out kind of girl when it comes to coffee,
but this new Samoa inspired creamer may just do my wallet a favor. } 

{ My plan for tonight- After dinner...after the girls are in bed...Jason and I are going to play
 Table Topics Couples.  I don't know if I can learn anything new, but we are going to find out : )  }

{ Give Ava her own chalk bag, and she starts climbing like a pro.
 Love watching the girls overcome their fears...}

{ So...a couple weeks ago, I got my hair cut.  When I say cut...what I really mean to say is, it is 6-7" shorter, a different color, and I signed on again for my old friend/nemesis- BANGS.  And two weeks later, I feel like this was a good decision.  The reason could be that Jason is no longer looking at me like I'm a stranger : ) Change is good. }

What are Your Five?

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