Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Friday Five...

{ Loving getting up every morning...working at my new my new desk...
in my new office. Drinking out of my camera lens coffee cup! }

{ Of course, Isabella chose the year she got a drum set for Christmas,
to actually play with her Christmas present.  EVERY day... : )  }

{ Found a vintage "frog" to use a pen holder on my desk. Love it! }

{ My shadow...aka not very happy about my new elevated position.  
She finally learned that if she lays down, I can give her a good rub with my feet.  

{ We resisted the rainbow loom craze as long as we could...
but I can actually say it has been a lifesaver during all of this
polar vortex/ Noah's ark downpour we have been having lately }

What are Your Five?

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