Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Friday Five...

I know it is Saturday.

But when I sat down yesterday, to do the Friday Five, I was a bit disappointed about how busy the week had been.  I had not taken one picture, and I had a hard time remembering moments that were filled with inspiration.  Jason and I talked last night and both of us felt like we needed a little time to re-connect with the kids so we split up today...he took Ava and I took Bella.  The whole day for me has been about my crazy, little munchkin...and I realize I have had more moments in the first few hours of this day, than I have had this whole past week.  

So...a little belated...but, here are my five : )

{ the day began with breakfast in a garden }

{ the cutest and most difficult pedicure I have ever done }

{ ...I see great promise here.  The technique is one of a kind : )   }

{ ...thankfully, I convinced her that "dill pickle" was not a good flavor choice }

{ Jason and I took a personality test this past week, which revealed that Jason is not "conventionally romantic".  Ten minutes later, he brought these guys home.  Jason has never liked being labeled : )  }

What are Your Five?

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