Thursday, April 11, 2013

Have you seen this?....Reasons My Son Is Crying Tumblr Page

I came across this last night...or should I say early this morning, as I was procrastinating writing a design proposal.  It was perfect timing...because I really needed to laugh...and the  Reasons My Son Is Crying Tumblr page did exactly that.  Every parent has had those moments when you have no idea why your kid is crying...or the reason why they are crying is so ridiculous that nothing in the world seems to make sense mid-tantrum.  Well, Greg Pembrooke decided to start chronicling his sons' tantrums in what has become a viral sensation in just a week's time.  Humor is sometimes the only way to get through an all out toddler tantrum : )

Here are a few of my favorites from Reasons Why My Son Is Crying-

I broke this cheese in half.

The milk isn’t juice.


I didn’t show him pictures on my phone quickly enough - and yes, they were pictures of him crying. 

His brother’s boots don’t fit.

I wouldn’t let him drink bath water.

I closed the refrigerator door.

I wouldn’t let him eat mud.

Too funny : )

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