Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Diego Fazio

I really don't know what to say first...except maybe THIS IS NOT A PHOTO.  Once you have wrapped your head around that...which I don't know is actually possible... look at the photos of this drawing in progress.  And yes, I said drawing.  My mind has been blown!

Diego Fazio, also known as DiegoKoi, is an Italian artist that produces such hyper-realistic artwork, that he has been accused of faking the drawings.  There is even a snopes page dedicated to the accusation.  Hence the "in-progress" photos.  I can understand the impulse to doubt...his skill is so astounding that it is hard to believe.  It took him over 200 hours to complete the drawing above.

Check out a few of his other drawings below. 

A big thank you to John for introducing me to Diego's work : )

(all images via My Modern Met and the chive)

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