Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our trip to DC . . . at a glance

{Washington Monument and the reflecting pool }

We are back home, recovering from our vacation : )  Another wonderful Easter spent in DC.  We saw as much as we could...taking requests from the girls as we went.  There was a little bit of history... a few pieces of art... some appreciation of the great outdoors... lots of food... and most important of all... plenty of family time.

Here are just a few photos of our time in our nation's capital- 

{ Lincoln Memorial }

{ WWII Memorial }

{ Watching planes fly overhead at Gravelley Point Park }

{ We saw our very own skateboarding bulldog-  "Winston" }

{ grabbing a quick bite at a skytop restaurant- rotating floor with an almost 360 degree view }

{ The National Cathedral }

{ Preparations taking place for Easter Sunday at the National Cathedral }

{ Began the trip to Georgetown with a stop into DC cupcakes }

{ best tip ever- order the day ahead to avoid the massive line }

{ Enjoying sweets on the banks of the Potomac }

{ first trip on the metro- the girls loved it! }

{ the girls being eaten by a Megalodon at the Natural History Museum }

{ the mammal section of the Natural History Museum }

{ one of the winners of the National Wildlife photo contest currently on display at the Natural History Museum }

{ the Hope Diamond }

{ Belief and Doubt by Barbara Kruger at the Hirshhorn Museum }

{ Isabella's favorite piece of art - Robert Gober's Oversized Stick of Butter : )  }

{ Great Falls- the Virginia side }

{ hard to remember how big it was, until you see the tiny kayaker }

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  1. Angie, I never cease to be impressed by your creative, artistic talent and your skill at photography. I hope that you enjoyed your visit up here to Northern Virginia. Shirley and I certainly enjoyed our time with you and your wonderful family at Sheila's and John's home. Ava and Isabella were perfect little ladies, and Jason was well behaved.<:) Uncle Garnett