Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Cristina Troufa

I have always been amazed when artists are able to treat the negative space in their artwork as an important part of the story. Cristina Troufa, a Portugal based artist, does just this in an amazing and intriguing way.  I LOVE the way she combines realism with modern lines and simplistic surroundings.  I find myself filling in the negative space as my eyes wonder over each painting.  I don't miss what's missing at all.  In fact, if her work was "whole", it would not be half as interesting.  This series of paintings are self-reflective in their exploration of womanhood.  Every painting is a self-portrait that reveals more through what is absent than what is represented.  LOVE it !

(all images via My Modern Met.  Look at more of Cristina Troufa's artwork here)

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