Monday, August 19, 2013

Design Envy: Tree coffee table

About six years ago, my Mom and Dad cut down the huge sprawling maple tree that literally sat in the center of their front yard.  My sister and I practically lived in that tree as we grew up.  And even though they tried for years to save it, the tree eventually had to be cut down.  I was so sad to see such a big piece of my childhood memories be gone, that I sat at home pondering how I could save just a piece of it.  A couple days after the deed had been done, I had an epiphany that I wanted a slice of that tree so I could make a coffee table out of it.

As soon as the image entered my head...I could not let go of it...which happens a lot with my ideas.  I called the tree service and asked them if they had had gotten rid of the tree yet, or if I could still get a slice of the trunk.  I was relieved when he said that he still had it, and would cut me a piece.  Well, needless to say, I waited for a call to pick up the wood...a call that never came.  I relentlessly called him back and left messages until he called me back one day, and told me he was sorry to tell me that he had forgotten to tell his coworkers about the tree and they had gotten rid of the wood.  I, to this day, lament the loss of that tree and the idea I had for preserving it's place in my life.  A bit dramatic I know : ) but that is me.

It's been six years and I thought I had moved on, until I came across the image above this morning.  That is my tree trunk table!  It is exactly what I had I envisioned- organic tree table top full of movement combined with slim modern legs.  It's perfect!  I don't know who manufactured this coffee table, but I LOVE it.  And I am sad once more about that damn tree.  C'est la vie to what could have been.  I may just have to form an affinity to another huge, sick tree in hopes of having this table one day : )   So yes...ENVY is the word.  

(top image via A Piece of Toast and lower images via Smitten Studio)

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