Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Suzan Drummen

Suzan Drummen is a Dutch artist who creates the most spectacular kaleidoscopic crystal floor installations.  From above, they look incredibly symmetrical and flat, but upon a closer look, you can see the amazing variety of materials and height the artist uses to achieve such amazing results.  

All of the installations are temporary because they are placed deliberately to shift and move if the spectators choose to interact with the artwork.  Can you imagine the time and concentration it must have taken to create such bigger than life pieces of work?  I think what I love the most is the vulnerability of each piece.  The chance of moving one crystal out of this intricate design would be enough to make me nervous while walking around it.  

How about you? Would you keep a distance or would enjoy the invitation to interact with the artwork?

 (via Design Boom)

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