Monday, May 20, 2013

Have you seen this?...the floating forest of Homebush Bay

This rusted out hull belongs to the 102 year old ship, the SS Ayrfield, which currently resides in the Homebush Bay, just west of Sydney, Australia.  The ship was built in 1911 in the United Kingdom and it delivered supplies to Americans in the Pacific during WWII.  It was retired in 1972 to Homebush Bay which was a ship-breaking yard at that time.  Even though most of the ships that arrived in Homebush Bay were broken down, four ships all over 75 years old, survived and still float in the Bay.  The SS Ayrfield is the only one that contains a mangrove forest.  

"The Floating Forest", as it has become known, is a tourist attraction to an area that was previously only seen as a ship graveyard.  I love that nature can take something that we have discarded as scrap and turn it into something beautiful and amazing.   

(top image by Steve Dormann, images in the middle by Louise Evangelique, bottom image by Rodney Campbell.  All images via My Modern Met)

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