Thursday, May 9, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Sorensen-Grundy Milliners

Millinery...I don't even know how many people know what that is anymore.  Maybe, the work of London based Sorensen-Grundy Milliners will remind people of the art that is hat-making.  Sorensen-Grundy became an internet sensation with their hat creation- "Construction Overhead" (seen below).  This success has inspired them to create a whole series of hats, one of which is the hat above, inspired by a well known fairy tale.  Can you figure out which one it is? 

I was impressed , and I sought out some of their past work.  And what I found is that these milliners have always had a sense humor and a tendency towards the dramatic.  Memorable to say the least.

(all images via My Modern Met and Sorensen-Grundy pinterest site)

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