Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Edible Pantone Artwork

Pantones...something I literally look through...mull over...and use on a daily basis.  I have admired pantone artwork before, but these three artists have approached pantones from a more edible perspective.

Pantone Pairings
is a series created by  Minneapolis-based artist David Schwen. In this series, he has combined some of the most loved food combinations...to create the most unique pantone colors.  Definitely clever...and almost impossible to look at without getting hungry.  You can see more of his artwork here.

Pantone Food-
Belgium artist, Alison Anselot, created Pantone Food by pairing a food that matched a pantone color perfectly to create a monochromatic, yet "hunger-inducing", image.  You can see more of her artwork here

Pantone-inspired dessert tarts-
French art director, Emilie Guelpa, created these pantone-inspired dessert tarts for French food magazine Fricote.  The white portion is created with white icing and the colors are made from vibrantly colored, fruits, vegetables and candies. You can see more of her pantone tarts here

Over time, food has become another form of art.  We search it out in nice restaurants, often photographing what we eat.  These three examples of pantone artwork, combine food and art in a completely different way.  LOVE it : )

(images via Modern Met)

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