Monday, November 14, 2011

Pantone chips . . . basic art turned upside down

How many times have you gone to the hardware store and walked away with a handful of paint chips?  Inevitably, you make a decision and then pitch the "possibles" in the trash.

I have been inspired! For years I have collected my extra paint chips, knowing that one day I would do something with them.  Now I am determined.

The possibilities are endless...

I could cut them into strips and layer them to create a textural piece of art...

artwork by Peter Combe

 I could make a abstract mosaic...

picture from artrick-playground

I could tear them into shapes and create an impressionist collage...

image from physicsforum

I could pixel-late a favorite photo and create a mural with the paint chips...

image from Apartment Therapy

I could cut them into strips  or different shapes and make a  mono-chromatic graphic design...

image from the 3r's blog

image from angelinaladawn

I could cut them into circles and layer them like fish scales...

artwork by Peter Combe

In my search for paint chip art...I found a very cool product called ixxi.

"ixxi is a modular connecting system. With x's and i's you can make your own photo enlargement or photo collage in any format possible. Create your own wall decoration or room divider!" (from ixxi website)

What I love, is their pixelated images such as the ones below:

Image Source: ixxi
Image Source: ixxi
close-up of the pixelated bird
Image Source: ixxi

and their photo mosaics...

Whether you attempt paint chip art yourself...or if you decide to go the consumer can't go wrong with sticking with the basics- little pieces of color : )

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