Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pay It Forward #5: A chance for luck on St. Patrick's Day

I have been looking forward to this week's Pay It Forward ever since I saw this idea on Shaken Together. Combining St. Patrick's Day with PIF seems like a match made in heaven.  I LOVED the idea of possibly giving away a gift that could change someone's life.  The chances are slim, but what better time to take a chance on luck than on St. Patrick's Day?

I started by buying five lotto tickets...I was looking for one that was green, but I was excited to find ones that had four leaf clovers on them instead. 

I cut white card stock into strips that were a little wider than the tickets.  I then cut the strips to be twice the length of the ticket plus 1/2 inch.  I then scored and folded the paper at the 1/2" mark and then at the halfway mark.

I drew a four leaf clover on the backside of the cover and then...

...I cut around the lines with a exacto blade so the clover would stand up on the front side.  

 Using letterpress stamps, I stamped "feeling lucky?" onto the paper. 

I then folded the paper at the 1/2" mark and...

 ...stapled it to create a "matchbook" effect. 

I outlined the clover with a green marker to make it stand out more.

I put a ticket into the book and closed the cover...and then it was done.

Now...I just have to pick out five lucky people to give them to. 

Keep sharing the love...and the luck : )

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