Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Milktape...I'm in love

When we were in high school, Jason and I exchanged mixed tapes all the time.  He used to leave them on my window sill at night.  So much so, that when I woke up, I would jump out of bed and open the blinds to see if he had left one for me.  It is one of my favorite memories from high school : )  

I have missed the mixed tape so much!  There was something romantic and personal about the little rectangular box and the hand written list of songs.  I was SOOOOO excited when I came upon Milktape's USB Cassette Mixtape today.  It looks like the retro cassette, but modernized with the usb stick snuggly fitted into the "tape".  I LOVE it!  The Milktape cassette even comes with it's own plastic case and paper insert to write your song list on.  Each cassette can hold an average of 15 songs and it costs only $15. 

I have to have it! 

You can order the USB cassette at

(images via Cup of Jo)

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