Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Jacob Hashimoto and his epic "Gas Giant"

"Epic" does not convey how big and all-encompassing this art installation is. Right now, "Gas Giant"...the awe-inspiring paper kite installation by artist Jacob Hashimoto...is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles until June 8th.  

The Los Angeles Times likened Hashimoto's masterpiece to "weather", which I completely agree with.  The installation reaches to the highest point of the museum and spreads across the area, drifting low and rolling through the space.  I love that though the thousands of kites are not moving, taken as a group they seem to be  in motion as if they have become the clouds and are slowly dipping and rising to completely immerse people in the installation.  "Gas Giant" is an experience...which is the best kind of artwork.

I WANT to see this installation in person...but for now I will have to live vicariously through other people.  LOVE it!

(photos via Supertouch)

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