Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Friday Five...

What a difference a week makes. Last week...a crazy snowstorm. This week...the big thaw, with warm days and cool nights.  I had a hard time getting back on track this week.  It felt a little like I was coming out of hibernation : ) are my five moments from this week.

{ Just lounging with the windows open... a warm sun and a cool breeze as my only companions...
except for Izzy's horse of course : ) }

{ Talk about making yourself comfortable...Bella learned that Pooh Bear is not just a
trusty companion, he also makes a very comfortable pillow }

{ Appreciating some new music this week... }

{ Sledding in full snow attire last week...practicing for "Jump Rope for Heart"
in a sundress this week...who knew? }

{ The best day from this week...celebration dinner with my dad.  He has finished his radiation
treatment and is hopefully well on his way to being cancer free : )  I LOVE YOU DAD! }

What are Your Five?

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