Friday, February 14, 2014

The Friday Five...

This week was an odd one to say the least...

You may have heard that there was a snowstorm that has been making it's way across the Eastern United States. North Carolina has not seen this much snow since 2005!  Plans changed rather quickly once the storm came rolling in, so we had to get a little creative with ways to entertain the kids...even though they would have been happy with sledding and playing in the snow the entire time : )      

{ This little guy was my shopping companion while I was stocking up for the big storm.  
He was feasting on some cabbage and broccoli and I decided we could do without : )  }

{ This is the view from my front door...once the wind died down and the snow
began to collect on the trees, it was a beautiful sight }

{ I got to to introduce "snow cream" to the kids!  They LOVED it! }

{ Jason was getting a little stir crazy, so he went out to "explore"/ test the 4 wheel drive out . He was having a great time until this guy showed up.  Now, whenever the girls see one, they say "Look, there's another party pooper  : )  }

{ Three snow days means doing a lot of leftover Christmas crafts...I was getting a little desperate! }

What are Your Five?

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