Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The secret Language of Birthdays...

While at the beach, I was browsing the web, and found a very interesting site- The Secret Language of Birthdays.  And since it was my birthday, I thought I would look it up and see if the personality traits it would reveal, rung true.  Alas, it did was slightly comical how "not me" the descriptions were.  I have always been a toughie though.  I think I was supposed to be born a couple weeks earlier, because I am a Cancer inside and out.  My sister, whose birthday is six days after mine, is the embodiment of a Leo...and we have always joked that two people could not be more different than the two of us.  

Just for fun, I looked up a couple other birthdays- Jason's and Lori's, my sister, and they were spot on.  Kinda scarily so : )  If you have a few minutes, it is a fun site to check out.  There is also a Secret Language of Relationships on there- pretty funny.  Jason and I had a lot of fun assigning the "not so flattering" personality traits to one another : )

Let me know if your traits lined up...or if they were a complete bust.

(via Cup of Jo, image via Seven Spoons)

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