Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Have you seen this?...Fold a shirt in less than 2 seconds

There are two things that I can't stand doing- folding clothes and washing dishes.  It's not that either are difficult...it's the repetition that drives me crazy.  Unless you are naked at the moment you put away your last load of clothes, you are not truly done.  You are NEVER done : (

I saw this short how-to the other day and was amazed.  I now have a challenge that will make folding clothes a little more exciting.  I will do this! I may start practicing...right about...now.  Wait...maybe I will watch this video a couple more times : )

(via Cup of Jo)

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  1. Ha, Angie. My husband loves how I fold shirts. Even if he runs his own load of t-shirts, he still wants me to fold them "my way.". For what its worth, I usually have a lovely pile of folded laundry ON the COUCH. I love the wash and fold....have a roadblock with the "put where it belongs.". Still loving your blog.

    1. Thank you Susan! Washing, folding...and putting away seem to all be challenges for me : )