Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Friday Five...

Usually, by the time Friday rolls around, my Friday Five is full.  This week, was a slight exception because all I could think about was the vacation that would begin on Saturday.  So, this Friday Five is more like a late Saturday Five. But after the week I have had leading up to this much needed break full of ocean waves and blue skies, I feel justified in holding off until today.  Here are my five...with hopefully, many more to come : ) 

* the sky was absolutely amazing during our drive to the beach.  The clouds were stacked for miles and miles *

* fun at the beach., followed by more fun in the pool., followed by more fun at the beach.  I can handle this : )  *

* buying fresh SC peaches on our way to the beach has become one of our favorite things.  Sooo goood! *

* Love these vintage oars decorating the doorway in the beach house- another thing I would love to have *

* Love the little rainbow colored row of houses neighboring us- makes for a very nice view *

What are Your Five?

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