Monday, June 3, 2013

Have you seen this?...NBBJ's design for Amazon's New Biodome Headquarters in Seattle

I have written about some amazing architectural designs in the past...remember the trampoline bridge in Paris...or the lowline in New York City? But the new design for Amazon's Seattle headquarters by the NBBJ architectural firm,  is one my favorites!  I may have to make a special trip to Seattle just to see this amazing architectural feat in person.

The design consists of three 5-story high bio-domes which will house retail, dining and work space.   I think what I love most about this idea, is that the bio-domes will also consist of a variety of botanical zones from around the world.  Once again a large corporation such as Amazon, like Apple and Google before it, is stressing the importance that nature and sustainability play on forming a happier and more productive work force.  "The generative idea is that a plant-rich environment has many positive qualities that are not often found in a typical office setting,” states the design brief published by NBBJ.

I am thoroughly impressed and can't wait to see if this design gets the thumbs-up from the Seattle community...and the rest of the design world.  

(all images via My Modern Met.  You can see more of NBBJ's designs on their website here)

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