Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day a glance

{ On Saturday we went to the Brew Stash Bash...the laid back and adult part of the weekend }

{ Sun, water, beer and a comfy reclining chair made the day fly by }

{ Sunday was dedicated to our annual Father's Day road trip- new destination } 

{ This year, we explored Greensboro. NC. We had some scary tour guides at the Natural Science Center }

{ After lunch and after replacing a 3rd pair of sunglasses, we took in a baseball game }

{ It started out pretty good... }

{ ...and then after saying "NO" to this guy AND to one very persistent 5 yr old about fifteen times... }

{ ...said 5 year old began to use her daddy's face as modeling clay : )  }

{ The seventh inning stretch was an interesting concept to explain... }

{ The baseball game may not have entertained them as well as I would have liked, but what is Father's Day if not about the fun and completely unexpected moments that these crazy kids bring to our lives : )  }

Hope your weekend was full of memory making moments : )

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