Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NOOOO!!!! Come on!!!! : I mourn the passing of scripted tv...

It's that time of year again...tv cancellations officially came out yesterday...and once again I am saddened.  As networks do the math and realize how expensive scripted shows are to produce, more game shows and reality programming are replacing the scripted dramas we have all been raised on. 

There are clear moments from my childhood, where I remember sitting down as a family and watching a particular tv show.  In my house, our loyalty went to Tom Selleck and what will forever be my all-time favorite- Magnum PI.  What could be better than a Ferrari driving private investigator who is retired from the marine corps, is haunted by memories of war, is separated from his one true love, has a daughter he never knew existed and who always catches the bad guy?  I mean seriously...does it get any better?  The episode when Magnum was shot in the warehouse was a pivotal moment in my family...I know you all remember it  : )

Our whole family gets choked up when we hear the John Denver song   ("Looking for Space") that played as Magnum walked across the beach to meet Mac, his friend who had died a couple seasons before.

That tv series, and subsequently this song became synonymous with our time together as a family.  My mom...to this day...cries every time she hears this song.  So, of course I had to include it here.  I can see her now...Dad be prepared with a tissue if she pushes play. You're welcome Mom : )

When I look back, I  realize that Magnum was not a tv show, it was the one time during the week, that our family stopped whatever it was we were doing, and came together for an hour. 

It could be me but I don't think I could have the same moment with my girls watching an episode of the Bachelor.  And if we do eventually watch the Bachelor together (by the way, my girls are 3 and 6, so it wouldn't be happening anytime soon), would I ever want to admit to it?  Can you imagine..."Girls, you remember when Chelsea called Hillary a skank and threw a shoe at her?"

No, I think not.  Come on tv networks...bring on the quality programming that we can remember watching without shame and regret. The cost, more often than not, is worth it. 

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