Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My favorite Easter gift: Easter egg planter

My favorite gift to give is a plant.  And Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  Therefore, why not combine the two?  For the past three years, I have made these Easter egg planters, and I have not gotten tired of them.  They are pretty and cute, but most importantly, they allow you to give some of your favorite plants to your favorite people. 

So here is how to get started:

I dyed the eggs pale shades of pink, green and blue.  

 Using the corner of the hilt of a knife, I lightly tapped on the eggs until I had broken through the top third of the shell.  I then poured out the egg and rinsed the shell thoroughly.

While the eggs are drying out, cut the top of the egg carton off, and then cut the carton in half.

Spray the carton whatever color you would like.  I chose Celadon green.

 Cut a hole in each end of the six pack cartons. 

Cut two 12" length of ribbon.  Thread one ribbon through the hole in each side of the carton, and tie a knot. 

Take the two ribbons and tie a pretty knot about 6" above the top of the carton.  Trim the ends of the ribbons.  

Now you can start to transplant the plants into the eggshells.   I chose a mix of ground-cover, annuals and edible plants including... petunia...

 ...sweet basil...

 ...strawberries... star creeper...

...yellow marigold...

...and Irish moss.

Once you have planted your eggs, pack them into the carton and you are ready to give this adorable Easter treat.  So much better than candy : )

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  1. Okay, this is a fake picture. A plant w/blooms is too big to fit in half and eggshell. I tried, didn't come close.

    1. Sorry it did not work for you. It's been a few years, but I gave them as gifts for all of my girls' teachers. I just bought the 6 pack of flowers in pinched off the bottom third of the roots.