Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First day of Spring...what to do...what to do...

So, it may have felt like Spring for some time...but, now it is official.  

Today is the first day of Spring.

In honor of the re-newed energy, brought on by my favorite season, here are a few things I will be doing this Spring:

In honor of Spring cleaning... I will be overhauling my linen closet- I LOVE this idea.  Keep your sheet sets organized by putting them in one of the coordinating pillow cases. 

A gutter garden...a great alternative to a vegetable or raised bed garden.  Especially if you do not want to take up lots of space in your yard.  I want to try this out on the inside of my fence. 

I am going to clean out my bathroom cabinets which will include this brilliant idea- hang your spray bottles from a tension rod to organize and de-clutter your cabinets

I would love to build a potting bench...or maybe convert a vintage console table into one.

I want to add some shade loving plants to my back yard such as...hydrangeas, hosta, and ferns

I am going to redo Isabella's bedroom into her "big girl" room with vintage birds and birdcages as the inspiration.  I have it all in my head....if I can just make it happen : )

What has Spring inspired you to do?

Well...get to it... Summer will be here in no time : )


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  1. I did the tension rod under my kitchen sink. Love, love, love that idea. It looks fabulous (for Now)! Amanda

    1. You are doing better than me : ) It is almost Summer and I have nothing crossed off my list. One day though, I will catch up : )