Thursday, March 8, 2012

Artist spotlight: Street artists in the West Bank

I have appreciated street art for a long time, but I really began to research it after my trip to New York City.  The artwork I saw up there was pretty amazing...and I loved the fact that it did not necessarily reflect the surroundings it was found in.

This same concept drew me to the "street art" that decorates the wall separating Israel and Palestine in the West Bank.  I knew what I was expecting to see... considering the tensions that exist there and the violence that surrounds the area...but, I was surprised to see that there was some amazing artwork that definitely has a political voice, but is accessible to anyone who views it.

Against the Wall: The Art of Resistance in Palenstine by Wlliam Perry chronicles a 2007 art campaign by street artists on the wall.  Here are some of the images from his book:



Nash "Five Fingers of the Same Hand"

Farid Esack   Longest letter in the world- It stretches 2.6 kilometers along the wall


Banksy- Girl frisking an Israeli soldier


JR- Face to Face

Ron English "Pardon Our Oppression"

Palestinian proverb

Ron English- Grade School Guernica



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