Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DIY: personalized photo pendants

I have wanted a photo pendant necklace for some time now, but I have never been able to find exactly what I was looking for.  Today, I was browsing around a craft and hobby store and came upon the materials I would need to make my very own necklace showcasing two of my favorite people...my sweet girls...Ava and Isabella.

The steps are simple, the materials are inexpensive and the result is lovely.  Anyone can do this project within a couple of hours. 

Here is what you will need:

  • a chain necklace between 18" and 24" inches in length (silver or gold, depending on your preference)
  • 1 1/4" round frame w/ glass (found in the jewelry section of the craft store)
  • extra small pendant bail
  • a black and white or sepia photo cut to 1 1'4" circle
  • small needle nose pliers

The steps:

1. Find the pictures you  would like to frame. Make sure the person's face is large enough to see the facial features, but small enough to not fill the circle completely.  Use the glass from the frame as a template. Draw around the circle...

 2. ...and cut the circles out.

I made two pendants, which are both double-sided, so I needed four photos. 

I chose to have one photo of each girl in Black and White and one photo in Creamtone.  I liked the idea of each pendant having a warm and cool side.

3. Place the two photo circles back to back, in between the two pieces of glass, and fit it within your circle frame.  Make sure the image is not straight up an down.  You don't want the clasp to look as if it is coming out of their head.

4. Tighten the screw into place, using a small nail if you need to.  I used the point of a mechanical pencil to tighten mine down.

5. When you are done, clean the glass, and make sure there are no pieces of lint or visible fingerprints on the images.

6. Next, using a pair of small needle nose pliers, slip one side of the bail through the hole at the top of the frame.  Place the chain inside the bail and then squeeze the two sides shut with the pliers.

And that is it...you now have a necklace that will keep those closest to you next to your heart.  Enjoy!

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