Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall . . . inspiration around every corn field

Fall...absolutely my favorite time of year...I long for a true three month season...but as a chill is carried on the wind...I know Fall is already on her way out. 

One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is to go to apple orchards, farmer's markets and the family-owned farms that are sprinkled through the countryside.  

There is a peace and beauty there...lingering in the traditions and the history that are upheld by the farmers. 

These old farms are living and breathing color wheels.  There are bursts of color everywhere- it is absolutely amazing how nature and man-made objects can so beautifully complement each other.
Give me a huge, rusty gas sign mounted on the wall of a barn...and I am a happy girl...the older, the rustier, the better.
Huge fields of sunflowers, telling you exactly where the sun is positioned in the sky...

Lines of chains that show how hard their lives have been, but look beautiful in their own way, hanging haphazardly over a wooden fence.

Old painted wagon beds full of gourds, pumpkins, squash.  All fresh, bright and beautiful.

 Ponies, cows, donkeys, chickens, and pigs reveling in the sun-filled fields.


Rows and rows of corn reaching towards the sky- looking so proud but fragile at the same time.  

 Freshly made kettle corn- the perfect balance of sweet and salty...still warm from the kettle as it is bagged up and handed to you. 

I can not leave a farm without feeling inspired, relaxed and wishing for a simpler time.  It is the perfect excursion to take when you feel a need to refocus and appreciate all of the things that are so easy to overlook.

Simple things...beautiful things.

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