Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The invitations are out...

Ava's "butterfly" birthday party is almost here.  The invitations are out and she is growing more excited every day.  

I love these invitations for their three-dimensional quality.  It makes them far more interesting than images printed on a flat piece of paper.  They are very simple to make as well. 

You will need:
  • 5x7 white notecards
  • 5x7 envelopes (brightly colored) 
    ek success brand butterfly punch
  • buttons of various colors and sizes
  • white thread and needle
  • butterfly punch (ek success brand 3 in 1 butterfly punch)
  • 3 pieces of scrapbook paper-
             (1 print, 1 solid color card stock, 1 solid color with a different texture or finish)
  • yellow, light green and dark green permanent markers (fine point)
  • super glue

  1. After deciding on the wording you would like, align the text to the right and print the note-cards. 
  2. Pick buttons that coordinate with the paper you have chosen.  Place the buttons at the heights you would like the flowers to be and sew them onto the card.
  3. Draw in the stems and leaves with a dotted line to mimic stitches.  I used the bright yellow first, then added the light green to the leaves and used the dark green for the shadows.
  4. Using the 3 in 1 butterfly punch, punch out the butterflies from each of the three papers- each paper should be punched out with a different stage of the punch.  I chose pink card stock as the solid butterfly punch, the floral print as the middle butterfly and the glossy finish turquoise paper as the top butterfly punch. 
  5. Slightly bend the wings on the butterfly punch-outs and then glue them together at the bend of the butterflies. 
  6. Place the butterfly where you would like it on the note-card.  Glue the bottom of the butterfly to the note-card.

And then....voila! instant "butterfly in flight" invitations : )

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