Saturday, September 17, 2011

Artist spotlight : Ingrid Michaelson

You have heard her voice, even if you have never seen her face or don't recognize her name.  Her songs have been featured on many tv commercials and tv dramas, but the likelihood is that you were paying more attention to the drama unfolding than to her breathy and often peppy vocals.

You may recognize her songs "Way I Am", "Everybody" and "Be OK" from Grey's Anatomy or Old Navy or Ritz commercials.  The songs' upbeat tempos are addictive.  They have proven to me that companies are upping their game by using amazing songs to promote their products.  The era of the jingle is gone.

Her songs "Winter Song" (a collaboration with Sarah Bareilles), "Snowfall", "Sort Of" and her rendition of Elvis' classic "Can't Help Falling In Love..." show a different side to her- a slow, melodic and soulful side that is very complimentary to the songs we all associate with her.  There is SOOOOO much more to her than pitch commercials and primetime drama soundtracks.       

And if there weren't enough reasons to love her already-  the world needs more cool chicks with glasses.

*Trivia *
If you already know everything there is to know about Ingrid, maybe you don't know this-
Her full name is Ingrid Ewe Ellen Egbert Michaelson

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