Thursday, September 29, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Explosions In The Sky

My husband was the first person to introduce me to this group.  Explosions In The Sky is a post-rock band from Texas that was formed in 1999.  They are known for their extremely elaborate instrumental music that often has a narrative quality.

To say that I have fallen in love with this band, may seem a little dramatic, so I will just say that they have provided me a shelter from the storm that is sometimes my life (wait...was that too dramatic?).  I turn to their music when I am overwhelmed, or have a non-stop day, or just need to have a moment to reboot.  It has the amazing ability to drown out little voices (of my two crazy girls) and infuse a calm air that both soothes and inspires me.  Jason pretty much knows what kind of day I have had if Explosions In The Sky is filling the air when he comes walking through the door  : )

They have come out with several albums in the past few years, but here are a few of my favorite songs: "The Only Moment We Were Alone", "The Moon Is Down",
"First Breath After Coma" and my all-time favorite "Your Hand In Mine"

Their songs average around 7 minutes, sometimes lasting as long as 11.  The time they have taken for each track really sets the songs up to include a beginning, a middle and often, an epic conclusion.  The story has time to come alive and develop within the musical notes.

Love...Love...Love them.

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  1. Your right their work is very good :]
    Thank you for sharing.
    Please join me back.