Friday, May 2, 2014

The Friday Five...

I have some catching up to do.  I have not posted a Friday Five in a couple weeks...not because there haven't been bright moments in my days...I just haven't been able to get into my office, or sit at my desk comfortably.  Now, things are looking better and feeling better too!

So, here I go, catching up on some happy moments from the past couple of weeks...

{ We celebrated Jason's birthday with fresh strawberry cheesecake. The girls get more
excited every year about new ways to surprise and celebrate him.  I LOVE it : )  }

{ A night out with friends under one of Charlotte's  most recognizable landmarks...the JFG sign }

{ One more project is marked off my list...only one more to go : )  I LOVE the way it turned out! }

{ One of my last days of freedom before my accident...going to see a movie during
the myself. Still one of my favorite things to do }

{ Isabella fell in love with the baby ducklings at the petting zoo.  They were too cute! }

What are Your Five?

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