Thursday, May 1, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Zaria Forman

Today's artist spotlight is dedicated to the truly amazing drawings of Brooklyn-based artist, Zaria Forman. She is bringing awareness to global climate change by capturing the evolution of the arctic landscape through her large scaled chalk drawings.  Her arctic landscapes are part of her Chasing the Light exhibition, in which she traveled up the coast of Greenland to observe the effect of climate change on the arctic landscape. She also traveled to the Maldives, the lowest lying country, to acknowledge that the rising tides will more than likely submerge this country first.   

When I think of chalk, as a medium, I usually think of fluidity and a general "smudginess"- and yes, I just now invented that word : )  But Zaria's work makes me rethink chalk completely.  I am amazed by the vast and detailed landscapes she is able to create. I can almost feel the jagged edges of the ice when I look at her drawings. They are both beautiful and haunting at the same time.  I absolutely LOVE them!

A big THANKS! goes out to my very good friend Kelly for introducing me to her work : )  

You can find original artwork available at Artsy, and you can purchase prints at ArtStar.

(images via Colossal and My Modern Met)

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