Friday, October 4, 2013

The Friday Five...

Okay...for the past month, I have been slack about writing.  It seems as if all of my concentration has been pulled into mom duties and building my photography business.  I don't want to say that I would like to have more free time, because honestly, I love being busy doing something I am passionate about.  I would like to be more organized though.  I think that is something I have wished for my entire adult life : )  I have missed the blog... a lot, so my goal for next week, will be to once again make the time to write about those things that inspire me every day. 

Here are this week's five...

{ My absolutely favorite pictures of my mom and displayed where I can see them every day : )  }

{ My 5 year old's bilingual plea for privacy cracks me up }

{ Another office addition...the work table has been built.  Now for a little paint, drapes, rug and computer }

{ my new favorite...vintage button thumbtacks.  Love, love, love }

{ next week, I am going to take a break from the office,
and I will finally begin to refinish my mismatched dining chairs. }

What are Your Five?

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  1. Love your daughter's note!! Her spanish is very good!
    Por favor, gracias, hola amigo :)
    Best wishes to your princess from Spain.

    1. Thank you for your approval! Isabella will be soooooo excited to know she is certifiably bilingual! I am afraid there is no hope for me. I keep trying, but inevitably end up embarrassing myself : )