Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The perfect camera bag: Functional and Stylish!

Image from Ketti Handbangs

I take my camera everywhere with me now.  I never know when I will see something that I have to take a picture of.  

The one thing that absolutely drives me insane is the fact that I look like a tourist everywhere I go.  

I am determined to find a camera bag that is stylish, but also protects my camera from everything else I carry with me.  
In my search for the perfect camera bag, here are my favorites:

1. The Lola (in Black) from Epiphane  $164.99

2. The Rose (in Marigold) from Jo Totes   $89

3. The Libby bag (in distressed gray) from Kelly Moore

 4. The Classic Canvas Tote from Emera   $169

 5.  The Chevron by Ketti handbags   $195

Now, a decision has to be made.

So excited that I will soon look like a resident rather than a traveler.
A stylish one at that : )

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