Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love ROCKS....

How can you tell when you are loved?  

Does it take someone speaking the words?  
or someone embracing you in a hug? 

Or could it be as simple as finding something unexpected when you most need it?

What if...

What if you were able to lift someone's spirits when they don't have the will to look anywhere but the ground?

What if a gesture so small could mean the world to someone else?

What if something overlooked by those who have everything became a treasure for someone who feels they have nothing?

What if you could remind someone that even though love may seem to be hiding...the search is worth the reward?

What if you could show every child who does not feel loved, that they are worthy of it? 

What if you could tell everyone that has suffered a loss, that they have not lost love?

What if you could show love to anyone who has been told they are unwanted?

What if you could tell someone who has lived most of their days, that they will be loved for the rest of them?

 What if you could remind someone that they should not consider themselves lucky if they are loved?

What if you could tell anyone who feels lost that there is someone out there trying to find them?

What if you do nothing?

Love ROCKS.  Share it.

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  1. You ROCK!!! You are amazing, missed your calling. You should be a writer!! So beautifully written! You draw people right in and keep them interested!! You have such a big heart...that's why I love you so much!!! Sheila