Friday, December 20, 2013

The Friday Five...

{ A little Pinot Grigio while cooking for holiday parties...nothing wrong with that.  
Actually...there is a lot right : ) }

{ The girls saw The Nutcracker Suite for the first time.  
One was absolutely enthralled... and one was just really hungry }

{ This is the "case" my mom was carrying her new smart phone in.  
No worries...I bought her a new case today that is a little less bulky...and a lot less floral : )  }

{ I found the perfect jewelry for Jason's office party.  My favorite had to be the black cowhide bracelet.  Super cool  }

{ Ava assuming the role of Cat in the Hat for just a moment...
looks a bit crazy without the fur and the whiskers : )  }

What are Your Five?

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