Friday, November 1, 2013

The Friday Five...

Things are looking up... Everything has been in a constant state of upheaval the past few weeks, but now I can breathe a little easier and I can look forward to the next few months.  Funny how life can change in a month...a week...a day.  Hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Halloween...and that you have an amazing weekend : )

{ Love opening the door and being greeted by the colors of Fall. 
Especially love leaving my door open during a hard rain, letting the whole house fill up with the sound }

{ After being stuck for what seems like forever, I have finally decided on the colors for my office- lagoon blue and lemon yellow. I can't wait to finally make progress on this project that seems never-ending }

{ I fell in LOVE with this journal!  Every page contains an illustration of Ryan Gosling saying things like "Hey Girl, can we cuddle yet?" and "Hey Girl, tell me everything about your day!".  It was too funny!
I may just have to buy a few. }

{ First fire of the Fall, and needless to say, Jason got a little carried away.  Poor Bella only lasted a minute : )  }

{ Society of my all time favorite places to find great now carrying my photography!
Stop by here and check it out.  I hope to be adding new photos every week. }

What are your Five?

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