Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas traditions...

A few years ago, my family started a tradition of going to a Christmas tree farm in search of the perfect tree.  In addition to finding a beautiful tree, we found something more than that...we found a tradition all our own. 

When I first got married, it was hard to give up the traditions I grew up with.  It was hard not to compare what my husband's memories of Christmas were with my memories.  Inevitably, you will want to continue the traditions YOU hold dear, and try to convince your significant other that they are worthy of him converting : )

What I have realized, with a little bit of time, and with the whole new perspective of being a that the traditions you start today will be the traditions your children hold dear.  You can not recreate the magic of your memories.  You CAN create the magic within your child's memory.

 I grew up with a fake Christmas tree (my mom is allergic to the real ones).  I loved that tree.  I  can still remember my dad hefting those two huge boxes down from the attic.  He and I would put together the three pieces of the trunk and then attache all of the branches...and we would watch as this perfect triangular tree took shape. 

As I got older, and got married, the possibility of having a fake tree at Christmas never crossed my mind.  Strange, considering the love I had for that plastic masterpiece that graced our living room for so many years.  The only thing I can attribute it to is that I did not think I could ever reproduce the Christmas experience I so loved while growing up.

When Jason and I got married, we bought my first real Christmas tree, and I realized that Christmas for me would never be the same...but I was excited to make Christmas my own and to discover all of the experiences I had never had.

Every year, we go to a Christmas tree farm.  We start out by searching for the perfect tree, the girls play on the huge tower of hay bails, we drink apple cider, walk around and see the animals, and then we end the trip by having a picnic by the lake. 

I love this new tradition.  I feel at peace every time we matter how hectic the time of year.  I love that the girls talk about it for months...and they remember it enough to look forward to it for months in advance.

 Even after all of the fun has been had searching for a tree... you have all of the decorating to look forward to.

I hope you have fun creating your new traditions! Your kids will thank you for it someday!   : )

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