Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Edible Art: New York style

One would expect to eat some great food while visiting New York, but the options of what to eat and where to eat were amazing. What I loved about our visual culinary tour, was that it was obvious that the food was made by people who were passionate about what they do.  It tasted great, but looked visually stunning as well- the colors, textures, and smells left nothing to the imagination.  Maybe you could track a couple of these places down on your next trip to New York City.

91 Christopher Street
(West Village)

A Tuscan bakery that specializes in cantucci (or biscotti).  This is an authentic Italian bakery that has protected it's secret recipes since the bakery first opened in Migliana, Tuscany in 1920.  Il Cantuccio offers fresh breads, croissants, sandwiches, pizza and of course the trademark cantucci.  I had the Almond Cantuccino which were delicious. 
fresh baked focaccia

freshly baked Tuscan bread

These are the Cantuccini- almond biscotti bites.  They were delicious!

Il Cantuuci has an indoor dining area, but also has a private outdoor space.  

210 E 3rd St
(East Village)

A Cuban restaurant that has a spectacular brunch menu.  For $22 a person you can have an entree and unlimited sangria or mimosas.  The guava mimosa and white sangria are great!  I especially loved my brunch choice- sweet plantain omelet with shredded beef in a creole sauce.

Sweet plantain omelet with shredded beef and peppers

Caffe Roma
    385 Broome St.
   (Little Italy)

 Italian pastry shop in the heart of Little Italy- has resided in the same building since 1891.  They make everything from ricotta sfogliatella, biscotti, pignoli cookies to Amaretto Italian cheesecake, cassatina sponge cake, or pasticciotto.  I had the hazelnut biscotti and a vanilla cappucino- the biscotti was amazing..

hazelnut biscotti dipped in dark chocolate

1000 Fifth Avenue

The American Wing Cafe resides in the atrium of the Met.  The natural light pours in through the skylights and the wall of windows, providing the perfect combination of nature and art in this huge building.  It was a perfect break to sit in the cafe, look at the sculptures that surrounded us and eat this perfectly simple, but beautiful sandwich.  Of all the choices in the world- give me fresh mozzarella, fresh baked bread, and fresh pesto and I will be at peace. 

Freshly baked focaccia bread with pesto, baby greens, blistered peppers and fresh mozzarella- so good!

 Rocco's Pastry Shop
 243 Bleecker Street
(Greenwich Village)

A pastry shop that was founded in 1974 by Rocco Generoso and is now run by his three children.  It's specialty is it's fresh canolis that are hand-filled upon order.  We went there after having sushi, and just wanted a small sweet.  I was amazed by the dozens and dozens of choices in the glass cases.  Whatever your favorite dessert may be, I am sure they will have it at Rocco's.

This cookie had every nut you could imagine plus cranberries- yum!
"Happy Birthday, Baby!"
Chocolate hazelnut cookie- absolutely huge!

The classic M&M cookie- probably needed a whole bag of M&M's for one cookie
17 Perry St
(West Village)

The owners of Doma wanted to provide a village cafe experience in the west village.  Doma accomplishes that with a seasonal menu, the freshest local ingredients and an impressive wine list.   They have a Tuesday night jazz series and support the arts by using their walls as gallery space.  I had the Doma crepe- a light and fluffy crepe filled with nutella, granola, bananas and strawberries and topped with whipped cream- delish!

fresh butter croissants

Eggs Florentine

Doma crepe with nutella, granola, strawberries and bananas topped with whipped cream

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