Monday, June 11, 2012

Vintage Circus Birthday Party

So, the birthday girl finally had her circus party and needless to say...our family is still recovering.  

Here are a few of the highlights:

It started with an invitation...which turned into much, much more circus fun.

The guests were shown the way...

...where they were greeted by the cutest little ringmaster : )

They walked past the popcorn stand...

...where the popcorn cupcakes...

...caramel popcorn (made by my wonderful sister)...

...and favor bags were set up.  Each child received a clown nose, a ringmaster's mustache, a small bag of cotton candy and a few circus peanuts.

At the circus, there were corn dogs, fruit salad, pretzels and an absolutely crazy vegetable clown- I had to think of some way to incorporate veggies.  He is pretty ridiculous : )

Outside, the real fun began.  Big 18" balloons were strung across the yard.  The kids had crazy fun in the bounce house, played on the playground and...

 ...threw bean bags through the clown's nose.  Wait a second... threw bean bags through the clown's nose : )

 I think it's pretty safe to say that the kids...

...and adults alike had a great time at the circus : )

And all was right in the world for one little four year old. 

I think rest is in order : )

(Keep a lookout for the popcorn cupcake tutorial later in the week)

See the popcorn cupcake tutorial here


  1. How did you make the cotton candy and circus peanuts bags?

    1. Hi sunshine! I bought some small food-safe plastic bags, kraft paper card stock, and a few pieces of scrapbook paper from the craft store. I printed the words "circus peanuts" and "cotton candy" on the card stock and cut them out. I cut the scrapbook paper into strips the exact width of the plastic bag by two inches, and folded them in half. I then glued the words onto one side of the folded paper. After filling the bags, I folded the plastic down and stapled the folded paper over the top of the bag.

      I hope that helps! Good luck and thanks for stopping by : )

  2. Hi,

    Where did you get the distressed red scrapbook paper for the invitation, or what kind is it? Also, what is the font used for "Ticket" and "Circus This Way"?